Instructional Services

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Welcome to Beaufort County School District’s Instructional Services Department. Our number one priority is to support teaching and learning for teachers as they provide an outstanding education to the students of Beaufort County. The Instructional Services Department is responsible for assessing, developing, and evaluating curriculum; coordinating special programs; and providing for the continuous improvement of instruction. Our Team provides leadership in Curriculum and Instruction. We support administrators, teachers, and other instructional personnel as they engage all students in quality learning experiences leading to higher student achievement. 

We work collaboratively with the staff members in all of our programs in order to facilitate the full implementation of academic standards, the monitoring and assessment of student progress, and the use of effective teaching practices that will enhance academic success for all the students we serve.

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Officers & Directors

Dr. Mary Stratos
Chief Instructional Services Officer
(843) 322-5931

Dr. N'Kia Campbell
Director of Academic Initiatives
(843) 322-5925 

Daniel Fallon
Director of Accountability
(843) 322-5453

Karen Gilbert
Director of CATE
(843) 322-5921

Geri Henderson
Director of Guidance
(843) 322-0732 office

Ashley Hutchison
Director of Readiness
(843) 521-2439

Dr. Juliet White
Director of Special Education
(843) 322-5419 office

Melissa Murray
Director of Literacy
(843) 322-5406

Colleen Beck-Ungvarsky
Director of Educational Technology 
(843) 322-2308