Student Teacher Applicants

Student teacher applicants should complete a new employment application through AppliTrack under the student teaching category or JOB ID #3056. School requests are accepted but not guaranteed.


  • College and university personnel requesting placement of students should email BCSD Talent Acquisition Specialist Jill McAden or call 843-322-2334. The request may be submitted as early as six months prior to, but no later than two months prior to the student teaching start date. The request must include a Memo of Understanding (MOU) from the sending college or university that will be reviewed and signed by district legal counsel prior to placement.

  • Student applicants must upload TB test results (dated within the past 12 months) through AppliTrack.

  • Student applicants must upload proof of Professional General Liability Insurance for Student Educators in the amount of $1,000,000.00 through AppliTrack.  Student Educators liability insurance is available through different organizations and insurance companies. Information can be found through the National Education Organization or the Forrest T. Jones & Company.

Types of Field Placements

  • Student Observers visit the classroom for a prescribed number of hours (i.e.10-20 hours during a semester in order to observe critical components of learning including: classroom management, lesson clarity, instructional variety, learning climate, task orientation, student success, performance outcomes, and learning through play.)  Students will act only as observers, not active participants.

  • Practicum Students have an opportunity to put into practice the procedures they have learned regarding short-range lesson planning, instructional delivery, classroom management, and analysis of student learning. Practicum students will be working under the guidance of an experienced cooperating teacher and/or university supervisor.  Students participate in this field experience in conjunction with “methods courses” where they will be exposed to a variety of techniques and methodologies in a diverse learning environment.  Students will visit the classroom twice a week for a four hour block throughout the semester.

  • Student Teaching Internship is the capstone experience in the candidate’s preparation for a career in education. Under the guidance of a cooperating teacher and/or university supervisor, student teaching interns are assigned to a classroom for an entire semester in order to have the best possible introduction to the teaching field.  Major responsibility rests with the cooperating teacher to set reasonable and specific objectives befitting the individual ability and development of the student teacher.