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Parents know from personal experience that all children learn differently.  Our district-wide school choice program frees students from the old “one-size-fits-all” model of education and offers ways to learn that are customized to their personal talents and interests.  By actively engaging students, we build their confidence, increase their knowledge and skills, and put them on course for success in school and in life.

If your child loves the visual or performing arts, we have schools that “fuse” the arts with their academic lessons.  If your child has a talent for languages, we have schools that offer Spanish and Chinese dual-language programs where students speak those languages in many of their academic classes.  And although all of our district’s schools teach math and science, we have schools that specialize in those subjects.  No matter what you choose, all of our schools have teaching and learning programs aimed at successful high school graduation and beyond!

This section of our website will introduce students and their families to the wide menu of instructional options available across the Beaufort County School District.  And the best part is that it doesn’t matter where you live!  If you apply and qualify, you can attend a school choice program outside your regular attendance zone.

An overview of the school choice program, answers to frequently asked questions and a calendar with key dates for parents and students can be found in the links on the left. 

All district schools maintain a Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics focus, as well as a core includes the arts, world languages and technology. In a number of cases, schools’ enrollment capacities will determine their ability to offer school choice.


Application Forms for the 2021-2022 School Year will be available beginning March 1st, 2021 and will remain available through March 31st, 2021


Application Forms for the remainder of the 2020-2021 School Year:



Application Link

Programmatic Choice

If another school outside of your zone has a program that your zoned school does not have, with space available, you can request to attend that school and program. Programmatic Choice is not guaranteed and if approved the student must remain active in the program.

The Open Enrollment Period for Choice Options is now CLOSED.

For questions, please contact
Yanina Sarli Rotti:
Yanina Sarli Rotti (Garrastegui)
Student Services Specialist
Office: (843) 322-2420
Fax: (843) 322-2359

Non-Programmatic Choice

Includes Senior Status, moving from Majority to Minority, and as a sibling of a student approved for a program at the same school. These options are not guaranteed and are dependent on whether space is available.

Employee Courtesy

Students of fulltime employees of Beaufort County School District (must be the students’ parent or documented legal guardian)

Click Here for the 2020-21 Employee Courtesy Choice Application 

To request a change for the remainder of the 19-20 School Year using Employee Courtesy, please contact:
Yanina Sarli Rotti (Garrastegui)
Student Services Specialist
Office: (843) 322-2420
Fax: (843) 322-2359


Special Circumstances

Situations such as health hardship or other similar issues

Please contact Yanina Sarli Rotti for the Special Circumstances Application Process:

Yanina Sarli Rotti (Garrastegui)
Student Services Specialist
Office: (843) 322-2420
Fax: (843) 322-2359