Superintendent Search


The Board of Education of the Beaufort County School District (“Board”) is inviting your firm to submit information to perform consulting services for a superintendent search.  The Board expressly reserves the right to select a firm that in their opinion will best serve the needs and interests of the Beaufort County School District (“District”).

Services Required

The selected firm will be required to:
  • Establish a process to determine the educational needs of the community and report those findings to the Board;
  • Manage the process of involving all stakeholders/constituencies;
  • Develop a strong position profile of the ideal superintendent with specific focus on talents and experience most valued by the board and Community and prepare a brochure for advertisement;
  • Recruit for the position with a Board approved advertising plan, accept and screen applications and present a preference for at least five (5) finalists;
  • Provide a disciplined assessment and evaluation process of candidates for use by the Board;
  • Provide background information and conduct comprehensive reference checks on all finalists;
  • Provide guidance on an appropriate compensation package, and
  • Aid in the superintendent interview process as needed.
The consultant must provide assurance of legal certification and willingness of the selected candidate to assume the position and to accept the compensation package being offered.  The candidate selected will be expected to assume the position no later than July 1, 2019.

Information Requested About Your Firm

Please provide the following information to the Board to receive selection consideration:
  • A business or executive summary of the firm;

  • The firm’s number of years of relevant experience in the consulting business;

  • The name of the consultant who will specifically manage the team as well as the names of the consultants who will work on the search.Resumes including relevant experience for each person to be assigned to the search should also be included;

  • The names and addresses of Districts for which your firm successfully conducted superintendent searches over the last five years that are believed to be comparable to the Beaufort County School District (minimum of 5);

  • An outline of how the search will be structured;

  • A recommended timeline for the entire search process understanding that the Board would like to extend an offer no later than mid-April, 2019;

  • A discussion of the priority that will be given to our search by the firm, and

  • A total cost of the professional fees and all related additional expenses for the search.These costs need to be comprehensive and listed individually.

In addition to the points listed above, any additional information considered essential to the process should be included.

Beaufort County School District observes federal, state and local laws and regulations in regard to equity and equal opportunity.


AMENDMENT: Due to the evacuation for Hurricane Florence, the information to be submitted is extended to Monday, September 17, 2018 by 5:00 p.m. 

Please submit the above-referenced information to:

Ms. Robyn Cushingberry
Beaufort County School District
2900 Mink Point Boulevard
P.O. Drawer 309
Beaufort, SC  29901