Evaluation Information

The appropriate personnel will evaluate the performance of every administrator, instructional employee and classified employee fairly in order to improve the quality of all work performance.

The superintendent will enforce the rules, regulations and procedures necessary for conducting an efficient, effective program of employee performance evaluations.

For additional information on employee evaluations, please see the following district policies:

Regulation HRS 28 - Evaluation of Instructional Staff
Regulation HRS 29 - Evaluation of Administrators
Regulation HRS 43 - Evaluation of Classified Staff

Leaves and Absences

The superintendent establishes the provisions for employee absences for the welfare of district employees and the protection of students.

The superintendent recognizes that employees must sometimes take a leave; however, the superintendent believes that the needs of children are better served by a regular employee rather than by a substitute. Therefore, it is the desire of the superintendent that employees exercise discretion based upon professional integrity when taking personal leave.

The continuous presence of employees promotes excellence in the instructional program by ensuring the following.

• the uninterrupted continuity of education
• greater teacher student contact time
• appropriate role model emulation
• consistent classroom discipline
• reduced cost

Therefore, the superintendent expects employees to come to work every day. The superintendent recognizes, however, that certain absences are unavoidable. At such times, employees should take leave in accordance with this administrative rule. Absent employees must comply with procedures set out in this administrative rule.

For the purpose of this procedure, the term “full-time employees” means persons employed by the district who work a minimum of 30 hours per week. The term “active service” means days actually worked or earned sick leave days used. “Immediate family member” includes parents, spouse, child and other relatives who live in the home of the employee.

For additional information, please see district policy Regulation HRS 16 - Staff Leaves and Absences