Kids getting on the busThe Office of Transportation supervises the operation of buses that transport more than 12,000 students to or from school each day. The district supervises certified drivers who operate 155 state-owned school buses that are maintained by the South Carolina Department of Education, plus 40 route buses and 12 activity buses that are owned by the district. In addition to operating routes to or from school each day, the Office of Transportation also schedules and supplies buses for student field trips, athletic events and extracurricular events.

Our mission is to provide the safest, most efficient and economical transportation possible for the students of Beaufort County’s public schools.

Most BCSD students will ride a school bus at least once.  All students, regardless of whether they ride a regular school bus daily or an activity bus occasionally, must know the bus rules. Learn about bus safety and keep your student safe. The Student Code of Conduct, an extension of the classroom, applies on all school buses. Repeated disciplinary violations may result in students not being able to ride the bus if they do not abide by the Code.

All students must be registered to ride the bus. Please contact your child’s school to complete a bus request form. Students who are not registered to ride the bus will not be transported.

Bus route change request forms received after August 9th, 2021 will not be implemented for the first day of school.  Beginning August 11th, bus route change requests will be implemented in the order in which they are received by the Transportation Office. During the first several weeks of the new school year, routes will be updated each Monday. Thereafter, and throughout the school year, it may take up to five school days to establish bus route changes.

Ridership status and/or bus stops are subject to cancellation after five (5) consecutive school days of no ridership. If your child will be absent from bus service for more than five (5) days and you’d like to keep his or her status active, please notify the school office. Students must ride the bus at least once every five (5) days in order to remain active.

Buses are subject to arrive 10 minutes before or after the scheduled time.

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