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The Beaufort County School District provides a comprehensive developmental guidance and counseling program utilizing the South Carolina Comprehensive and Developmental Guidance and Counseling Program Model.  The purpose of the comprehensive developmental guidance program is to promote and enhance the learning process.  The model facilitates student development in three broad areas; learning to live (personal/social development), learning to learn (academic development), and earning to work (career development).   

Learning to Live + Learning to Learn + Learning to Work

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Learning to Live

To understand and respect self, relate positively to others, make informed decisions, cope effectively with change, and become responsible citizens.

Learning to Learn

To achieve educational success, identify and work towards goals, manage information, organize time, and locate resources.

Learning to Work

To develop the knowledge and skills to make realistic career plans, make a successful transition from school to work, achieve interdependence, and compete in global economy.

Each school in the district K-12 is staffed by at least one fully certified school counselor; in some of the larger elementary schools and in the middle and high schools, there are multiple counselors. To find your school’s counselor please click on “School Counselor Contact List” on the left.


District Director of School Counseling

Geri Henderson
Geraldine "Geri" Henderson

School Counselor Leadership Team

Annette Ballard
ASCA/RAMP Coordinator

Kelly Homan
School Counselor IT Coordinator, South of the Broad

 Lakeshia Doctor
School Counselor IT Coordinator, North of the Broad

Latoshia Middleton
ADEPT Coordinator

2021 School Counselors of the Year
Latoshia Middleton
Battery Creek High School
Latoshia Middleton

Jillian Powers
River Ridge Academy
Jillian Powers

Latesha Jennings
Joseph S. Shanklin Elementary School
Latesha Jennings

Rookie of the Year, Lisa Ditroia
Lisa Ditroia