Payroll Information and Forms

As a division of the Finance Office, the Payroll Department is primarily responsible for the preparation of payroll checks and direct deposit advices for all BCSD employees. 

Other duties include:

  • Define types of pay;

  • Define types of leave;

  • Define new deductions;

  • Accrue employee leave;

  • Enter and track usage of leave;

  • Maintain for each employee month, quarter, calendar, and fiscal year information;

  • Complete and submit payroll information to organizations including, but not limited to, the Internal Revenue Service, Social Security Administration, SC Employment Security Commission, SC Retirement System, and SC Department of Revenue; and

  • Post Payroll information to the general ledger.

The payroll office processes a bi-weekly payroll consisting of approximately 2,800 employees with 33 distribution sites.

Pay Schedule
Part-time & Temp - Payroll Schedule 2020-2021
Part-time & Temp - Payroll Schedule 2021-2022
Contract Days Schedule 2020-2021
Contract Days Schedule 2021-2022
Paycheck Schedule 2020-2021
Paycheck Schedule 2021-2022

For all payroll-related forms, please click HERE.

Team Members
Tricia Baggett
Payroll Manager

Stephanie Keane
Payroll Assistant

Margaret McCarthy
Payroll Assistant